Tecnoparque Infinity

When asked to design a new modern lobby for the central building of an important office campus at the north of Mexico City, we proposed to design an art installation, instead of thinking of it as architecture. This allowed us to operate at a meta-level: we did not design new material for the lobby walls but rather made them disappear. Instead of furniture we proposed four art pieces standing in the middle of this dematerialized room; and a golden leave mural with a perspective of the project’s masterplan. Rather than thinking on the interior space we thought of bringing the exterior in, as the landscape outside is a remarkable environment designed a decade ago by award winning landscape architect Mario Schjetnan.

We installed clear mirror walls without green tones, to generate an infinite space. Knowing that the building was already there and it would be impossible to create a render-like environment of perfect infinite alignment, we trusted on the ‘mistakes’ that the construction and existing architecture would give to generate a slightly fragmented and distorted infinity of the space.

Built in white marble and steel, we created three different types of furniture -an already fragmented bar, preempting the mirrors effect, two reclining long chairs, and a communal bench at the back of the lobby.

Having interior and exterior courtyards to both sides of the lobby, when moving in and out of the building, the new non-existing walls fundamentally vanish to let that landscape pervade and become the actual cladding for the lobbies.