Porsche Towers

Climate change is a distressing reality. How can architecture cope with such inevitability we are irresponsibly causing? When asked to design two towers in Dubai and Porsche Design, the ambition was to conceive an architecture responding to the unbearable heat of Dubai. Shading was therein the main goal of the two buildings, at the formal and detail levels.

The forms of the buildings are frames in section and plan. The office tower is a bulky rectangle with a recessed glass facade, shaded by two overhang elements that complete its rectangular appearance. The residential, a more subtle edifice, is conceived as a cylinder with a constantly shaded open patio. The buildings are part of a group -frame- forms, yet they adapt to their programs in a very specific manner.

At the tectonic level GRC louvers surround the facades to shade and control the heat within. With climate change it is crucial to define architecture specific to its environment; a new type of climate Modernity.