We have become enthused with mural art.  Since researching and writing on the work of Diego Rivera as part of the PhD dissertation, we have recognized this type of art not only in its embedded quality within architecture but also in its implicit publicness, with the potential of being perceived and acknowledged by many people. Detached from an easel, mural art loses its inherit privacy towards public contemplation and education. 

With almost fourteen thousand people working at Tecnoparque campus, our first mural locates at its central building where most people see it. The Mural is a celebration of the 10-year project: it is an abstraction of an aerial view of the offices’ campus with the city and landscape surrounding it. Situated next to the ´Alameda Central´, Tecnoparque internalizes landscape within. The mural is a gold leaf construct of the combination of office space with nature.

We search for a new type of abstract art that can not only be integrated within architecture but could also represent our contemporary era.