In 1943 Josep Luís Sert, together with Fernand Léger and Sigfried Giedion determined the ‘Nine points of Monumentality’, as modern edifices that monumentally represent people and their common values. Seventy years after, using this dictum, this project proposes New Points towards a new monumentality in Mexico and the world, to reinvent architecture once again with the proposed spirit of ‘expression of the collective force.’

With this in mind, and part of an international competition organized by Arquine to reinvent new housing typologies towards the twenty-first century we proposed what we coined as Modern Monuments for the Masses (MMM); vertical buildings integrating communities and city services within, to achieve a more dense, more livable city.

By reinventing the modern architecture of Mario Pani’s iconic CUPA, the proposal stacks living blocks adaptable to the new cultural reality of the era we live in.

The project was awarded with the second prize of the international competition.