Mexico Moderno

Part of the ongoing research of Mexico City, the Mexico Moderno Studio at the Ibero University analyzed the unprecedented development of the city towards becoming a metropolis.

The Mexico Moderno Studio can be best defined by Juan O’Gorman’s painting ‘Paisaje de la ciudad de Mexico’. It is an ambivalent period of construction between progress and cultural rupture, another type of modern colonization.

We highlighted six different ‘cities’ epitomized by key modern projects: the cultural, the mobile, the vertical, the commercial, the public and the green cities, are all independent agendas of such modernity. Its architectural and urban solidification form the basis of the current urbanization. The studio was an invitation to not only understand but also to reconcile the past and present of our urban culture today. The most synthetic result consisted of formal archetypes, transforming the studio from the descriptive to the interpretative, to the theoretical.