Linear Park

The project for the Linear Park in La Paz Mexico literally marks a transition line between the traditional and the modern parts of the city. From the gridded to the lyric the park integrates both old and new developments. In this way, a 1.5km corridor by the beach is originated by a gridded, more traditional plaza, and finished by a curvilinear cycling path and iconic pavilion.

Within the Plaza, a 110-meter mural depicting the historical development of the city and state categorically marks the passage from traditional to modern development. The traditional plaza reiterates on the importance of water for the region and includes modular and diverse seating to view the mural. As an aqueduct, the mural is elevated creating door frames to relentlessly cross this ‘historical line’ over and over, making the citizens not only aware of their history but also engaging them to cross it, to participate in the future development of their city.

Beyond this plaza and touring the 1.5km cycling path another public environment appears; a modern and curvilinear space including a pergola with equipment for diverse exercises and a long jump lane and sand box, a curvilinear pavilion as the new icon of public life in the city, and a forum for diverse events with a rounded cactus filled background.