We were asked to design a new office building on a long site with a small frontage towards the street. Rather than thinking of its form we focused on its performance, determining with the client the most efficient and sustainable office layout, an elongated ‘tube’ with two open facades towards front and back, a semi-open facade towards south controlling daylight and views, and a closed north facade towards a neighboring apartment complex where the services core is placed; all creating an efficient environment for working with minimum added cooling.

Spatially, a sense of perspective appeared by following such sustainable organization. We simply highlighted such an organization creating two vacuum perspectives at their self-shading accesses.

The GM building offers a new perspective in office space. As office buildings are usually created by having a typical plan covered with a curtain wall and including a central core, we aim to rethink such an obvious formula by creating a different office space result of uniting performance and apparent structure. Instead of a typical plan, the building grows its plans the higher they are; instead of an even curtain wall, the envelope responds to its place and orientation; rather than being central, a side core maximizes functionality both in parking and office levels.