Global Polis

The world view is changing. The emergence of new technological discoveries is inverting the earth’s perspective towards its connectivity. As it happened virtually, is there a way to have a physically interconnected Global Polis?

Hundred years after the beginning of the world wide isotype language of Otto Neurath, we live in a networked Polis where digital language is immediate. If Neurath’s language transformed and synthesized the way we understand global information can we, with the same visionary spirit today, foresee a Project for a Global Polis? A project of physical communication and respect of nature.

This project aims to form a structural apparatus, the ‘World Grid’, to share resources and energy and to replace aircraft routes for magnetic trains. A physical network for living it would encourage knowledge and information exchange creating a new type of architectural World Wide Web, which would ‘design’ united and transparent people towards openness and communality. As the current networks offer a ‘digital opacity’, a new human type of transparency is needed.

If cities have ‘always been the site of migrant’s hopes for survival and improvement’ yet they become the places of ‘exclusion and inequality’; if urbanization cannot stop its acceleration engendering cities with catastrophic social conditions; if by 2043 (according to the United Nations), we will become 9 billion people; how could this coming 2 billion people find better conditions in the cities? We propose a Global Polis as an ‘Infrastructural Living’: Elongated housing as the new city-countryside, that is, dwellings enjoying the ‘best of both.’ Urbanization would mean a ‘Human Framework’.