Dubai Souk

At a time in which not only Dubai but the world is looking for more sustainable alternatives in architecture, and at an age in which public space and cultural values need to be reclaimed, the SouK is conceived.

By reinventing the traditional linear market place [Souk: Arabic s?q, from Aramaic šuq?, street, market, from Akkadian s?qu, street, from sâqu, to be narrow] as a one-kilometer pier, a public promenade is projected into the sea.

A more economical alternative to previous land-reclamations, the SouK intends to integrate water and development, and mix public and private domains: two public decks embrace a raised slab-pier containing parking, retail and hotel facilities; and two types of energy (sun and water) are recycled when encountering the building.

The SouK aims to become an alternative for future developments in the region, a prototype of social and environmental sustainability.