Real estate development usually looks at ‘tabula rasa’ conditions to offer new possibilities for the city. If Modernism at the twentieth century expanded urbanization, today we can look at the existing cities and develop new scenarios to live within the current urban mass. Having built as much territory as possible we need to conceive new scenarios of densification, reuse and recycling of architecture.

A client showed us lands for potential development, to acquire. Initially revealing to us thinking of it as a tabula rasa condition to develop a new three-level complex, we received the site for this project including a flour factory within. As the factory moved to a larger complex outside of Mexico City, the complex stopped production. We immediately fell in love with the concrete silos and urged our client to keep them to inhabit them as housing; towers of circa forty meters amidst the surrounding low city. We entitled the new complex with the original factory name – Central Harinera.

“Central Harinera” will include one-hundred and nine apartments distributed within the three main silos and other existing structures, as well as commercial and parking areas. Taking advantage of the now tall residential buildings, large areas at the ground floor will become available to create a green park for the residents. Several aspects therefore contribute to form an important complex for the district: the monumentality of the edifices, the views from their heights and the abundant green areas transforming the Harinera into a park with living towers.