In 2002, Fernando Donis designed the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters in Beijing for OMA. It was completed ten years after with the very concept, form and dimensions defined in its very beginning. In 2013 it was selected as the best tall building in Asia and Australia by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.
When designing this building for OMA, the main aim was to reinvent a new type of high-rise, not competing in height yet in form. Having been asked within the competition to create a group of towers with distinct broadcasting programs, the idea was to combine them into a whole, a mega-frame part of an invisible, quasi-Mesoamerican pyramidal form. The degrees of its inclined distinct towers, their different plans, their heights, inclined top, and overall dimensions were carefully defined and coded with Chinese fortune numerology, obsessed with its numbers when cutting it, projecting it.
The tower is the most iconic public frame to move within, to visit, learn and to express the process of producing and broadcasting television for the most populated nation on earth.  Magnificently dissimilar from every side yet controlled in its form, the building is not only unprecedented in its type but also a truly piece of art made architecture.
“After presenting it to Rem for the first time, he immediately took me to his office. Giving rounds and breathing hastily he asked me two things. ‘How did you create this?’ I explained the process again. The second question was something I was not aware of, ‘Do you realize we will win this important competition with this project?’ This was the first week we were working on the competition, more than two months before the deadline.”