Busan Deurbanization

The assignment for the Gadeokdo island development in Busan called for the implementation of maritime and touristic programs. Opposed to its Urbanization – the endless urban growth over territories- we propose (and coin the term) Deurbanization: a process in which the development of the new city would rely on predefined urban frames, to respect most of nature and to create a manageable density.

If Manhattan is the epitome of densification over an island, Gadeokdo Busan has the potential to become the inverse urban model, where a central ‘urban park’ accommodates the city, keeping the rest as untouched green. Paradigm of coexistence between preservation and development, this developed bar of 5.3 x 0.8 km (similar to central park in New York) contains all the used land within the existing geography.

Considering that a new airport is also planned at the south of Gadeokdo island, both frames, Resort and City airport dialectally coexist, keeping an appropriate distant from each other. What remains in-between is the natural green of the island as it has been.