DONIS is an international office framing cities – theorizing and projecting them. Through research and projects we participate in the unprecedented development of the cities of this century.
DONIS is a multidisciplinary office. We operate the office domains as a MARCO – Multidisciplinary, Architecture, Research, Cities, and Objects. From the small to the extra large, the conceptual and pragmatic, the static and mobile, we see architecture as a complex and extensive discipline.
DONIS was founded by Fernando Donis.  Associate to Rem Koolhaas for eight years at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Fernando Donis is the designer of the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing for OMA, as well as the new Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia, the Porsche Design towers in Dubai, and the Dubai Renaissance tower, among many more projects for which he was in charge.
Founded in 2009, DONIS is currently developing and building numerous large-scale projects.


DONIS has offices in The Netherlands and Mexico. Our team has the most diverse experiences and education to be able to operate in the several scales of architecture and design. We integrate architects, urban planners, industrial designers, researchers, interior designers, business developers, that constantly interact in fluid teams under an environment of youthful creative exchange. We are passionate about making each one of our projects an original and innovative endeavor.
We have the resources to undertake a project in all stages; from the conceptual , schematic, design development and construction documentation and supervision. The office is an integral studio that constantly interacts with dozens of consultancies to integrate the required knowledge and build up properly a product, building, master plan or investigation.
We have the ambition to continue the growth of the office and have in the near future offices in every continent, as we are excited to understand the many cultures of the world and integrate the local and global trends in architecture and design.


DONIS has won several international prizes, such as the first prize for the ThyssenKrupp Architecture Award in 2009 with the Dubai Frame project; first prize for the competition for the National Palace of Justice in Paris; and first prize for the design of an Olympic emblem for London 2012.
DONIS has also won the second prize in the 15th international competition of Arquine, a prize in the international competition for the development of the Gadeokdo Island in Busan, one of the five finalists in the national competition for the performing arts center in Guadalajara Mexico, and initially the first prize in the national competition of students, Pani Prize.
Fernando Donis received his master’s degree from the Architectural Association in London, and holds a PhD in Architecture from the TU Delft in the Netherlands with his thesis to be published in the upcoming book  Frame. He was selected by CNN Expansion as one of the 30 most promising and influential people in Mexico in 2011, and in 2015 as one of the most creative Mexicans abroad by the Foreign Relations Department of Mexico.