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Rather than being a fixed form, urban development has become the result of a complex process of participative planning where the city performs as an urban canvas. The production of the city has become open to the public.
As a key epicenter of economic, medical, scientific, educational and cultural growth, the city of Rotterdam has determined Hoboken as the investigation and development area to apply this public procedure. It implies strategic cooperation between citizens, stakeholders and authorities, to produce a vision that by focusing on people’s opinions can ultimately unveil a new city: Hoboken 2030.
Concurrent with the 4th International Architectural Biennale in Rotterdam, the Hoboken 2030 exhibition represents an actual case of dynamic public forum and planning for the Open City.

TYPE – Exhibition
YEAR – 2009
PROGRAM – Master plan exhibition with canvas model and video
LOCATION – 2009 Rotterdam Biennale
SIZE –2345 mm –Diameter (1:800)
STATUS – Completed
Originators: City of Rotterdam, dS+V
Astrid Sanson (Director dS+V)
Hans Hazenak (Head of land use planning dS+V)
Martin Aarts (Head of design land use planner dS+V)

Project team:
Fernando Donis (Design lead coordination)
Vincent de Rijk (Model production)
Rob Gijsbers (Film production)
Ilta van der Mast (Hoboken area manager)
Michiel Buningh (Project management)