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This PhD research-project puts forward the idea of the city as a Public Frame. The architecture of the frame not only builds the prospect of highlighting communal life within the city, but it also regards openness and organization. Framing denotes intelligibility and movement. The word “frame” originally comes from “moving forward.”
In Mesoamerican culture moving forward meant to cross “frames,” life stages materialized in the construction of their cities in diverse forms: from large ceremonial avenues literally designed in processional steps to fulfill the cosmic myths, to the architecture of the pyramids and the courtyard living quarters.
The frame finds therein in the historical development of Mexico City one of its most explicit paradigms, manifested in different scales and forms of representation, from the physical to the representational: the ritual plazas, the codices, the mural art, the modern city and the tectonic frame, are all partitions from Mexico City┬┤s urban history as they underline a different version of the same project.

TYPE – PhD Research
YEAR – 2009-2014
PROGRAM – The city as a project, led by Pier Vittorio Aureli
LOCATION – Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
STATUS – Completed, to be published soon.