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NATURE MURAL – Forest Frame

At our newly renovated modern building at Londres 253 in Mexico City, we felt that the patio needed vegetation. As the maintenance of covering the large patio wall would be not only high but also difficult considering shading and dimensions of the courtyard, we proposed a large ´green´ mural: an abstraction of a forest in the middle of the city, formed out of hundreds of dissimilar shapes forming a surreal landscape, seen from the patio and every floor at the building. The mural brings color and life to the minimal architectural preservation.
As we only had the construction painters to work it out, we developed a 1:1 printed system as a children’s color book where we annotated ten colors to form the large masterpiece.

TYPE – Mural
YEAR – 2017
PROGRAM – Nature
LOCATION – Londres 253, Mexico City
SIZE – 18 x 4 meters, base 8 x 3
CLIENT – Undisclosed