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At DONIS we extend the field of architecture to urbanism, research and objects. As objects we refer to any piece of art, furniture and fashion. In our almost obsession to accompany our projects with mural art, the Tecnoparque mural was the first manifestation of this passion. A five by two meter mural is located at the central building of the Tecnoparque campus, an office complex for 14,000 people mixing low rise buildings with a fantastic landscape architecture designed by Mario Schjetnan. Engraved in gold leaf, the mural is an aerial representation of the urban project amidst Mexico City and its valley. The several inclined planes of the mural reflect light in different manners allowing diverse reflections when walking through the space. Gold can be fantastically modern when representing our time.

TYPE – Mural
YEAR – 2015
PROGRAM – Abstracted aerial view
LOCATION – Tecnoparque, Mexico City
SIZE – 10 m2 – 5 x 2 meters
CLIENT – Tecnoparque