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The assignment for the Gadeokdo island development in Busan called for the implementation of maritime and touristic programs. Opposed to its Urbanization we propose what we coin as Deurbanization: a process in which the development of the new city would rely on a predefined urban frame, to respect nature and create sustainable cities.

If Manhattan is the epitome of densification over an island, Gadeokdo Busan has the potential to become the inverse urban model where a central ‘urban park’ accommodates the city, keeping the rest as untouched green. Paradigm of coexistence between preservation and development, this developed bar of 5.3 x 0.8 km (similar to central park in New York) sums the used land within the existing geography.

TYPE – Master plan International Competition
YEAR – 2010
PROGRAM – Maritime and Resort facilities
LOCATION – Busan, South Korea
SIZE – 22.5 km2 Island, 4km2 land development
CLIENT – Busan International Architectural Culture Festival Organizing Committee