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Having visited Dubai for the first time in 2005, the combination of its excess and speed of development immediately caught our attention and interest. An already outdated urban model before being built, Dubai highlights the avid appropriation of endless territory. A city that could have been planned considering densification, shadows, short distances, it was planned on nonstop urbanization with an architecture based on the endless generation of icons. A new type of Renaissance was needed.
When OMA was invited to work on a competition for the main landmark building at the Business Bay district, we applied such theory. By taking the required program and extending it to the maximum height and width of the site, we designed the largest concrete slab: a vertical city including offices, residential, hotel and public lobbies with city functions–art, business, wellness and panoramic.
We depicted the project as if sitting amidst a gold city, all with the same décor of excess. Our building was a white concrete slab more according to its milieu, marking the new beginning of a sustainable post-rationalism.

TYPE – OMA Invited International Competition / Fernando Donis in charge together with Rem Koolhaas
YEAR – 2005-07
PROGRAM – Offices, Hotels, Apartments, Common programs
SIZE – 425,000 m2
CLIENT – Dubai Properties
STATUS – Schematic Design