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GLOBAL POLIS – World Wide Framework

The world is becoming more virtually connected. Is there a way to create physical connectivity, a Global Polis?
This project aims to form a world framework to share resources and energy, and to replace aircraft routes for hyperloop trains. This new living network would encourage knowledge and information exchange creating a new type of architectural World Wide Web, uniting people towards openness and communality. As the current virtual networks offer ‘digital opacity’, a new human type of living and transparency is needed.
By 2043 we will become 9 billion people (according to the United Nations). We propose a Global Polis as an Infrastructural living to allocate the extra two billion people needing housing. Elongated dwellings redefining a new city-countryside realm that will enjoy the best of both. Instead of unsustainable surfaces, urbanization can mean a new type of linear framework.

TYPE – Global Project
YEAR – 2013-2043
PROGRAM – Housing strategy for two billion people
STATUS – Completed and published on the cover of ARCH+