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CCTV – Pyramidal Frame

“After presenting the CCTV headquarters project to Rem for the first time, he immediately took me to his office. Walking in rounds and breathing hastily he asked me two things. ‘How did you create this?’ I explained the project again: ´It is meant to be a new type of high-rise, one that does not compete in height but rather in its program continuity, in its new form and void, a public frame building to represent the largest television organization on earth with the most innovative and iconographic architecture´.
The second question was something I was not aware of, ‘Do you realize we will win this important competition with this project?’ This was the first week we were working on the competition, more than two months before the deadline.”

In 2002, Fernando Donis designed the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters in Beijing for OMA. It was completed ten years after with the very concept, form and dimensions defined in its beginning. As an modernized quasi-Mesoamerican pyramidal frame, the 475,000 m2 high-rise was selected as the best tall building in Asia and Australia by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, in 2013.

TYPE – OMA Invited International Competition, first prize / Fernando Donis, designer of the main headquarters building in 2002.
YEAR – 2002-2012
PROGRAM – Administration, multipurpose, news production, broadcasting, program production, staff facilities
LOCATION – Beijing, China
SIZE – 473,000 m2 – Main headquarters building
CLIENT – Chinese Government
STATUS – Built, completed in 2012