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The New Jeddah International Airport was designed in order to fulfill the Hajj arrival to Mecca. Usually airports offer a contrast between the areas of arrival and departure but as within this airport people arrive to Mecca, the project shares similar space qualities for both functions. In order to distribute the large amounts of people as well as providing a green buffer area for their waiting times, a 1 km. circular frame scheme was projected. This organization allows for the large amount of airplanes to be attached to the central scheme while maintaining control on flow distribution. Arabic motifs and iconography at the urban, architectural and detail level are combined and abstracted throughout the entire design of the project.

TYPE – OMA Commission / Fernando Donis in charge together with Rem Koolhaas
YEAR – 2005
PROGRAM – New international airport, Hajj facilities, Royal terminal
LOCATION – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
SIZE – 1 km. diameter Airport Terminal
CLIENT – Government of Saudi Arabia
STATUS – Schematic Design