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PORSCHE TOWERS – Sustainable frames

Global warming is a distressing reality. How can architecture somehow cope with such condition?
When asked to design two towers in Dubai for Porsche Design, the ambition was to conceive an architecture responding to the excruciating heat of Dubai, and its imminent worsening considering climate change.
Shading was the main goal of the two buildings. The buildings are sustainable frames in section and plan. The office tower is a bulky rectangle with recessed glass façades shaded by two large overhanging elements. The residential, a cylinder with a shaded open patio within. They both are a group-form with GRC louvers controlling sun lighting from the extreme desert temperature.

TYPE – OMA Commission / Fernando Donis in charge together with Rem Koolhaas
YEAR – 2006
PROGRAM – Office and residential towers at Business Bay district, Dubai.
SIZE – 85,000 m2 Office tower, 30,000 m2 Residential tower
CLIENT – Dubai Properties Ltd
STATUS – Design Development completed