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The new Paris courthouse is planned as a Reflection. On the one hand it mirrors the existing Freyssinet Hall becoming a horizontal monument ‘flying’ on top of that preserved historical edifice; and on the other it is an urban ‘Reflection’, a thoughtful reconsideration of public space within the city, Paris.
The project reflects on Justice. The new slab balances on top of the preserved architecture expressing equilibrium, stability, moderation and respect. Programmatically, the lower floor of the existing hall displays public areas whereas tertiary programs distribute at the new elevated headquarters.
At the urban level, the framing masterplan surrounds the building allowing masses to have a new space to gather, discuss and manifest for justice.

TYPE – International Competition, First prize
YEAR – 2008
PROGRAM – New Courthouse in Paris
LOCATION – Paris, France
SIZE – 67,000 m2
CLIENT – EPPJP – Etablissement Public du Palais de Justice de Paris
COLLABORATORS: Katrin Betschinger