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DUBAI SOUK – Souk Frame

At a time in which not only Dubai but the world is looking for more sustainable alternatives in architecture to face climate change, the SouK is conceived. By reinventing the traditional linear market place [Souk: Arabic sūq, from Aramaic šuqā, street, market, from Akkadian sūqu, street, from sâqu, to be narrow] as a one-kilometer pier, a public promenade is projected into the sea to benefit from the relationship with water (cooling and tidal power) and sun energy. The building consists of two public decks embracing a raised slab-pier allocating retail, hotel and parking facilities. The SouK aims to become an alternative for future developments at the region considering the imminent global warming, a prototype of social and environmental sustainability at the desert.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2009
PROGRAM – Retail, 5-star hotel, parking
SIZE – 85,000 m2
CLIENT – HH Investment & Development
STATUS – Concept Design
COLLABORATORS – Renderings: Arte Factory