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LINEAR PARK – Public Frames

The linear park project in La Paz Mexico marks a transition between the traditional and recent developments of the port city. Reinventing the gridded original structure of the city and its modern lyricism the park develops a 1.5 km corridor along the beach flanked by a civic plaza and a ludic park. At the plaza, a 110-meter elevated mural depicting the historical development of the state marks the passage between these two times. As an aqueduct, the mural is held by door frames for people to relentlessly cross the new history ´line´ becoming aware of their past, and encouraging social participation in the future of the city. At the other end of the development a curvilinear cycling, sports and forum areas are allocated, where an iconic pavilion for the community to gather will become the landmark access to the city.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2013-17
PROGRAM – 1.5km linear park with two main public plazas
LOCATION – La Paz, Mexico
SIZE – 1.5 km + 2 plazas of 1ha. each
CLIENT – Government of the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico
STATUS – Under construction