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NEWTON 127 – Void Frames

This project at the Polanco district in Mexico City is based on designing voids rather than architectural masses. The principle is applied to both its organizational plan –with a circular patio- and its fair-face concrete façade – designed with oblique voids framing levels and rooms. Nature is framed within these voids: in the same manner as the main façade is flanked by a tree and palm, an inner tree would take over the internal yard. All rooms of the 200m2 one-level apartments are sequential and radial: lobby, living and dining areas are linked to kitchen and service, counterclockwise; bedrooms follow social areas to connect to an inner patio where children can play ¨outside¨ towards the other direction, closing the frame.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2014-6
PROGRAM – Apartments Building
LOCATION – Polanco, Mexico City
SIZE – 2000 m2, 7 levels
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Built