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When asked to design a new modern office space for the central building of an office campus located at the north of Mexico City, we proposed to design an art installation rather than architecture per se. In fact we aimed to disappear architecture itself. Mirrored walls dismantle space into infinity and allow for four art-furniture pieces to multiply together with moving people passing by. Space surrenders to the dynamism of people´s relentless business movement. Knowing that the building was already built and it would be impossible to create a perfect render-like reflection, we exploited the ´mistakes´ of the existing architecture to enhance a fragmented infinity of people, reiterating the chaotic urban landscapes we inhabit at the21st. Century.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2015
PROGRAM – Offices lobbies
LOCATION – Tecnoparque, Mexico City
SIZE – 300 m2
CLIENT – Tecnoparque
STATUS – Built, 2015