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A client showed us a land for a new tabula rasa development including a recently dismantled flour factory about to be demolished. We immediately fell in love with the concrete silos and urged our client to keep them and inhabit them as housing towers of circa forty meters. We entitled the new complex with the original factory name – Central Harinera, which would include 113 apartments distributed in the three existing silos and a new concrete slab building, commercial and parking areas. Taking advantage of the height and its resultant density, large areas of the ground floor would be transformed into a green park for the residents. Offering breathtaking views at an area where it is only permitted to build up to three levels, the already monumental complex proposes a new possibility to preserve and reuse the
reuse, recycle

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2015
PROGRAM – Mixed use development
LOCATION – Calzada de Guadalupe 245, Mexico City
SIZE – 16,000 m2 – 113 apartments, commercial, parking and green areas
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Under development