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GM 1345 – Perspective Frame

Rather than focusing on form, this project offers a new perspective in working performance. A new 19,000 m2 office building is developed as an efficiency machine, where large sustainable office plates are displaced within an elongated tube with two more open facades and a semi-open concrete facade towards the south, controlling daylight and heat, views and ventilation; all in all composing an efficient working environment with minimum added cooling. A sense of perspective appears by shading the totally open facades with large canopies at the east and west of the building. Instead of being a typical plan with curtain wall and a central core requiring constant cooling, we rethink such formula by strategically shading the building´s form and dislocating the typical central core to create several stacked Bürolandschaft.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2015
PROGRAM – Offices and services, parking
LOCATION – Mexico City
SIZE – 18,900 m2 – 10,000 m2 Offices; 8,900m2 parking
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Under construction
COLLABORATORS – MEP engineering: AKFgroup, Structural design: NOVA ingenieros