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A client presented us a mid-twentieth century modern building next to another larger property they own. As the building was not protected by the Fine Arts department, it could have been demolished to extend the adjacent structure. Rather than taking this route we all appreciated its architectural value and concluded that it could be preserved, renovated and reused. Previously used for apartments, the new building will allocate office spaces as its sits at a now busy business area. Proper installations and services were implemented. We made a precise assessment on what parts of the building were to be rescued, which to be redone and modernized in order to create now a functional preserved yet upgraded building. As the very top slab was very damaged, a new higher fair-faced concrete roof was built –the bubble: an open office space contrasting with the divided lower floors via load bearing walls.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2016-7
PROGRAM – Offices, commercial
LOCATION – Londres 253, Mexico City
SIZE – 1,262.50 m2
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Finished