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CABO HOTEL – Stepped Frame

For a new hotel project, we were given a site one block away from the main marina of Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and a hotel room cell to consider. With these two elements we considered that if the typical scheme of a hotel is based on a corridor with two sides of rooms, by opening up this corridor to reach the site limits a new framed void is created. We then stepped again the two rooms´ blocks, now vertically to create sun terraces for every room. The two wings would join again in a different manner, forming a stepped void as the most important space holding the project.
The ground floor of the project accommodates common programs as well as main outdoor areas –lobby, lounge, restaurant, garden; while the several stepped floors lodge the 82 rooms of the hotel, and the roof at the south section allocates an open sun terrace with a swimming pool and bar.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2017
PROGRAM – Five-Star Hotel
LOCATION – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
SIZE – 3,528 m2 – 82 rooms, commercial, parking and green areas
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Under development