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A27/Arquímedes 27 – Nature Frames

A27 will be an unprecedented luxurious tower in Mexico City. Located at the affluent Polanco district, it will include eleven 275m2-one level apartments and a higher ground floor allocating an spacious lounge and garden. Large terraces with open views redefine residential architecture as nature frames, oblique spaces that abstract the morphology of the existing ash tree in its front. Such configuration engenders a building in constant change depending on the diversity of urban viewpoints, making it totally distinct from any other architecture in the city. This is rather a mixture of nature and architecture.
Such amalgamation reinforces its natural aspect by hiding its parking lot under an artistic stones landscape where two hidden elevator platforms will pop-up when needed, disappearing the typical parking lot and its infrastructure. This innovative feature, together with the presence of greenery and natural warm materials –wood and marble- reaffirms A27 as an extraordinary tower of nature frames.

TYPE – Commission
YEAR – 2017-2019
PROGRAM – Residential Tower
LOCATION – Arquímedes 27, Polanco, CDMX
SIZE – 11 one-level apartments of 275m2, Lobby, Four parking levels and PH deck terrace
CLIENT – Undisclosed
STATUS – Under construction